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Kickass cleaning

This blog is all about making things easy. Somehow there are some things that we have to do every once in a while to keep our homes from going south. One of those things is washing the windows. Boring!! But what can we do to make this happen without killing the bank. Because, like with all of these things, there’s always the option to outsource. To bring someone else in and pay them handsomely(like these guys doing fönsterputs i Stockholm) to take care of our crap. But I don´t want that, I want to clean my own mess. Just without wearing myself out. So what can we do?

Using the hose

Now, this trick only works on the exterior as it would cause to much of a flood inside. But on the outside great, but not perfect. Just use a good nozzle to get som power action going on the waterbeam and flush that dirt away. If you´re a perfectionist you can go over the windows with a squeegee afterwards making those pesky lines no shows..

Ninja cleaning

Dress up in your old ninja suit(you know you got one) and make something fun out of it. Remember wax on, wax off! Use all those ninja moves you learned years ago and give those windows a martial arts make over. Put the rake on a stick and you get a cool ninja weapon you can use to kill off all the crap.

 Make it an art

There is always the option of going pro like these guys. I bet they have fun cleaning windows:


A better parent with acupucture

Japanese kudabari.jpg
Japanese kudabari” by Wolfgang Michel, Fukuoka – (a) Hongo Masatomo: Shinkyu chohoki. 1749 (Treasures of Acupuncture and Moxibustion); (b) foto of modern plastic version. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The age old chinese medicine has one key component, acupuncture. Acupuncture is the method of using needles to stimulate certain pressurepoints along the nervoussystem. These points are called acupoints. The method is gaining ground all over the world even if there is a lack of evidence for its effectivenes. I’ve seen it used to treat everything from cancer to a normal headache. While there are no evidence there is a lt going for it. It has been around for ever and have very few to none sideeffects. Some sloppy acupuncturist may have caused an infection or two but all in all its poretty safe compared to traditional western medicin wher you need to insert varius strange substances and chemicals in your body to see an effect. I’ve tried a couple of times with good results as I was living in Sweden. Finding a acupuncturist(akupunktur) in Malmö is not hard. Just pop up the old yellowpages and have alook. You´ll find a bunch, most of them with good cerificates and happy costumers.

My point is that using these old alternative medicines might make me a better parent. Making me stronger without having to resort to pills.


Fixing the pipes

As being a parent wasn´t enough, sometimes stuff happens. Like yesterday, when one of the pipes under the sink just gave up and produced a small swimming pool in my kitchen. Lucky for my my brother in law is a plumber working as a rörmokare i Stockholm, the Swedish capitol. Far away but nothing a little skype couldn´t fix. So a little online consulting and I managed to fix the leak my self and save a pile of cash in the process. Thanks bro-